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Our Service

Purchasing and contract:
We will help you to find the right suppliers and factories, which will offer you good products and competitive prices. According to your needs, we will create a more suitable contract plan for your purchase.
Speed and efficiency of clearance:
Customs clearance enjoys one-stop green channel, quick prodcut inspection. We will reduce unnecessary factors for departing your goods and the arriving. After receiving the goods, we will send them immediately with our advance consent of the cargo (aircraft or boat) to the destination as soon as possible.
Help for customs clearance:
When you already have a good supplier or factory and are ready to import goods, you can also choose us. We provide US dollars account and help you quickly and easily customs clearance and delivery of goods.
Receiving goods and quality inspection:
We will receive the goods in our own warehouse and check the quality and quantity of the products you have purchased.
Loading and shipping:
You can buy some containers’goods or bulk goods. If you need to immediately replenish the goods, we pledge to send as quickly as possible customize the best logistics methods, provide logistics costs inquiries and enjoy the internal cooperation price.
Sincere invitation:
For each client, we would like to communicate with him face to face to show our enthusiasm and quality service and your sincerity better. We are looking forward to your arrival. In addition to work, you can also travel to China. You do not have to worry about various problems in China. You just need to bring your family or partner to China. Contact us, we have arranged car, invitation letters and accommodation for you in advance.
Your personal asistant in China:
We will make every effort to help you solve all the problems and difficulties. All of our colleagues will get back to you promptly when you need help. Including outside working hours, we will get in touch with you in the shortest time, and please forgive us for doing inadequate.